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By jeffgmck • August 28th, 2010

When we were looking to build a new home, we drove through various neighborhoods to get ideas. While in Prattville, we stopped at Corky’s and saw the modular home that they had. Wow, we were really impressed! Corky’s was kind enough to take us to the R-Anell factory where they are built and show us the different floor plans and options available.

We were so impressed with the homes and workmanship that we signed on to have one built. Now, 4 years later, I can honestly say that we couldn’t be happier with our home. Corky’s completed the build in a short period of time and without cutting corners. They made the building process stress free. They were even able to help find a buyer for the mobile home we owned. I highly recommend Corky’s if you are in the market for a new home.

Laura Rickels
Laura is a CPA in Montgomery. She chose a 4306 sq. ft. R-Anell modular home, fully bricked.

I am a retired Army and currently a Chief Engineer with Lockheed Martin Corporation. I have acquired and built five new homes in my lifetime and this last purchase experience with Corky’s has been the best experience yet. I would not do a single thing differently. We are thrilled with the house, i.e. quality, workmanship, time to construct and after sale/construction follow-up. As proof, our 28 and 25 year old daughters now want the house. THEY CAN’T HAVE IT.

I live about three and one half hours from where we constructed this last house and I was always on business travel during the site preparation and construction process, so Corky’s was my voice with any and everyone that needed to be dealt with (i.e. neighbors, subcontractors, mortgage bankers, city, county and state officials, power, gas, electric, phones and cable). I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER REPRESENTED EVEN IF I HAD BEEN THERE MYSELF, NO REALLY.

I absolutely highly recommend Corky’s if you really want to do this right.

George A. Broadnax, CKM

George purchased a Nationwide modular home.

Since I bought my manufactured home I have nothing but praise for Corky’s Homes. The unique and very rare after sale service I received is unbelievable!

In this day and time it is almost unheard of to receive such attention as given by Corky’s. If in the future I buy a modular home, it will most assuredly be purchased from Corky’s.

Few businesses can boast of the integrity, honesty and dependability that Corky’s is so known for. I, as a customer, just wanted to thank you so very much in making my life significantly easier and carefree in my new home.

Tom Hardin
Tom purchased a Cavalier manufactured home.

Sometimes it seems to me that one needs to take the time to say thank-you for a service well done. This is my time to say thank-you to all the caring personnel at Corky’s. Our son and daughter-in-law needed a good, strong, safe and of course, handsome home. Long story short, they came across Corky’s. From the very first meeting things were different, they felt like they were in good hands. A lot of trust was needed, they were still living in Floriday and most everything had to be done long distance. No one was pushy, everyone listened, took notes and explained the process. I, “Grandpa”, was living here and was to be the contact person to make sure everything was done on time and no problems. Easy, easy, easy job for me. I tip my hat to the staff at Corky’s.

We were so thankful we did not go with the other company, when it does not feel right, it’s NOT right.

Wayne Dunlevy
The Dunlevy’s purchased a Southern Home.

In 2008 while looking to purchase my home, I searched all of the sales centers in the Chilton and Autauga County area. I decided to purchase from Corky’s because I was dealt with frankly and honestly. I purchased a custom built Southern Energy manufactured home. The professionalism and integrity of the staff at Corky’s is exceptional. I highly recommend Corky’s to anyone looking to purchase a quality home.

Carl Wilson
Carl is a code enforcement(building) inspector who purchased a Southern Energy home.

After retiring in 2008, the best decision I ever made was to sell my old, badly in need of remodeling, home and buy a new manufactured home at Corky’s. It is a beautiful home with all the “bells and whistles” I had never had, so I definitely moved up. All of my family loves it! One of the best things is this high quality home cut my mortgage payments in half, which is great for my retirement income. I have told Ms. Jan, who is the soul of prompt service when needed, that I love my new home so much, I hope I take it to Heaven with me when I die.

Marilu Hardin
Ms. Marilu purchased a Southern Energy Home

I am writing this letter to tell others what a great job Corky’s has done for us. We had been looking for a home for several months when we came across Corky’s in Prattville. We went ahead and put down a deposit and the process started. I must admit, it was a lot easier than we expected. Corky’s was there throughout the whole thing with us, and answered any and all of our questions, yet never once got tired of us calling and emailing!

We moved into our home in March of 2009, and we never ONCE had an issue with Corky’s. They came through on service issues for us; we were amazed at how fast and efficient they were. Their entire staff is exceptional, polite and very understanding.

In fact, Jan at Corky’s even helped us with our homeowner’s insurance, getting us a much better rate than we had gotten from our Agent at that time.I would say to anyone that if they are looking for a quality company, with a strong work ethic and a love of their customers, then Corky’s would be the place to go. If I were to ever need another home, I would go back to them. It’s been a real pleasure doing business with them.

Brenda Ellis

My husband and I were looking for a larger home because the children were growing and we needed more room. We were living in a single wide. We went to Corky’s and found several that we liked. We purchased a 4 bedroom, 3 bath manufactured home that is just great for our family. Our sales representative was very polite, helpful, patient, understanding and more. They worked with us all the way through our purchasing process and even now almost 3 years later, if we need help, we can call them. Thanks Corky’s for all your help.

Linda H
Linda purchased a Cavalier home.


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